Open Source Libraries

Trickl is keen to share insensitive code with the programming community.

The following open source libraries are available.

  1. Tesselate (Javascript)

    A javascript image transition effect library.

    demo example
  2. Dropbox Push (Bash)

    A script for one-way automated upload to dropbox for data archival.

  3. Trickl-Graph (Java)

    Contains graph algorithms, including many planar algorithms and a doubly connected edge list implementation.

  4. Trickl-Cluster (Java)

    Contains clustering algorithms, including k-means, k-medoids and some kernel based algorithms.

  5. CPP-Cluster (C++)

    More sophisticated, experimental clustering methods.

  6. CPP-MDS (C++)

    Contains both standard and many experimental techniques for MDS.

  7. Trickl-PCA (Java)

    Contains sparse, incremental algorithms for principal component analysis.

  8. Trickl-Crawler (Java)

    A fork and extension of the Apache Droids framework for web robots.